With December around the corner, everyone is looking forward to a well-deserved break.

Holidaymakers going to Hartenbos and surrounding areas this year, can expect a lot more than merely soaking up the summer sun, because the second IN AFRIKAANS concert series is heading to this popular holiday destination on 22, 24, 28 and 29 December 2018 and will be held at the ATKV Amphitheatre Hartenbos.

HARTENBOS IN AFRIKAANS is a very unique concert series and production, created with the creative input of Johan Vorster, Matthys Maree, Carien Laubser and other big names in the industry. It is a well-orchestrated event with a live band and promises to be an unforgettable experience,” explains Managing Director of In Afrikaans, Jacomien de Villiers. “It is not a musical extravaganza and although there is a visual component, it is more about the hits that the public want to hear. People gather in Hartenbos, in good spirit, from all over the country. There are also spectators who cannot always attend big concerts in the cities and therefore it’s a great opportunity for them, which adds to the very special atmosphere.”

After the runaway success of the first concert series in 2017, which was attended by more than 30 000 festivalgoers and for which the gala event’s tickets were sold out in advance, the team at Inhoud Huis Musiek  had no choice but to arrange a follow-up-series and to consider making it an annual thing.

This year’s festival will offer something to satisfy every taste and requirement, whether you like dance songs or more serious acoustic music. Some of the country’s biggest artists, including Steve Hofmeyr, Robbie Wessels, Karen Zoid, Leah, Theuns Jordaan, Riana Nel, Snotkop, Appel, Roan Ash, Douvoordag, Jan de Wet, Juan Boucher, Early B, Jan Bloukaas and many more will take the stage during the course of this event.

“We always try to make music that changes people’s lives. That is why we have chosen artists like Jo Black and others who bring hope through their music. We want to capture many special moments this year that will really touch people’s hearts,” says Jacomien.

A few highlights and big surprises can be expected, including the release of Jo Black’s first single since his operation, as well as the release of Robbie Wessels’s latest song. Both artists are very excited to be part of this event, and Jo Black says: “HARTENBOS IN AFRIKAANS is one of the highlights on our annual calendar. I am really excited about this year’s concert – it is going to be even bigger and better than last year’s.” Robbie Wessels, who is already an old hand and favourite at festivals, believes that this is one of the best he has ever participated in. “The IN AFRIKAANS concert series is the perfect ending to a relaxing December holiday. It is a great show, featuring some of the country’s biggest artists. Last year was fantastic and this year is going to be even better. I am looking forward to it”, he adds.

During the last two days of the concert series, the impressive hit – Die Gelofte – will be performed on stage for the first time. This song, created by Johan Vorster and Christoph Kotzé, deals with the prayer and oath that our ancestors made in 1838 and promises to bring some chillingly beautiful moments to the stage. “It tells the story of how dependent a group of people was on their faith for survival. South Africa needs hope and this song is especially created to remind people where their strength comes from,” shares Johan.

Aside from the music, there will also be several food and drink stalls and other exhibitors to ensure that no one feels left out.

Tickets can be purchased at the gates on the respective days from 15:00 or online at

https://itickets.co.za/events/399816.html. Gates will open at 17:00 on concert days. Tickets will also be available at the ATKV information trailer from 19 December.

The program for the four concert days, to be hosted by Pieter Koen, is as follows:

SKREE IN AFRIKAANS: On 22 December, Steve Hofmeyr will entertain audiences from 19:30 with his SKREE extravaganza, which will presented with live string instruments.

KERSFEES IN AFRIKAANS: Jan de Wet, Douvoordag and Roan Ash will kick off the Christmas festivities on 24 December at 20:00 with Christmas carols by candlelight. Funds and donations will also be collected for Hartenbos Bejaardesorg during this event.

HARTENBOS IN AFRIKAANS: 28 and 29 December are the dates on which the two gala concerts will be taking place. During these days audiences will be entertained by the likes of musicians, such as Theuns Jordaan, Leah, Jo Black, Snotkop, Karen Zoid, Robbie Wessels, Kurt Darren, Liezel Pieters, Appel, Jan Bloukaas, Riana Nel, Elvis Blue, Early B and more from 19:30.

What started as a dream by Johan Vorster, Jacomien de Villiers and the In Afrikaans team to arrange a high-quality concert, which like the CMA’s is about the strength of the song and how it touches people’s hearts, has evolved into an overnight success because of its ability to effectively capture the culture and hearts of Afrikaners.

The In Afrikaans Hartenbos concert series is ideal for each festivalgoer that enjoys good music in their mother tongue, as well as having a good time. It is the perfect end to a long and challenging year.


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